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  • Fold the pad lengthwise with foam side (Gray) showing for pads on hard surface, and White side showing for pads on wall to wall carpet.

  • Lift the two corners of your rug, and place markers (masking tape) about 2" in from both sides.

  • Fold the rug in half, and align the folded pad with your markers. Start unfolding the pad to where the rug is folded.

  • Fold the rug back on top of the pad. The folded section of the pad should be in the middle of the rug as is shown.

  • You are halfway done. Fold the other side of the rug in half far enough to expose the folded section of the pad. Now you can unfold the remainder of the pad.

  • Now fold the rug back on top of the pad.
Usually pads are cut slightly smaller than the size of the rug so the rug drapes over the pad. The following easy procedures should be performed slowly to help with the installation process, and maintain placement of your rug. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.